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2014 Trek Domane Disc Road Bike

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The Trek Domane 4.0 and 6.9 now available with increased stopping power

Learn more about the Trek Domane Disc at Trek Bikes of CharlotteJust in time to combat the remaining spring weather across the northern hemisphere, Trek is announcing the addition of disc brakes to its widely acclaimed Domane line of endurance road bikes. Available since 2012 exclusively in a traditional road bike brake option, the Trek Domane now offers riders the option of traditional lightweight road caliper brakes or the all-weather versatility and consistency of disc brakes to make sure you have all the braking power you need, exactly how you want it. 

In addition to the post-mount disc brakes, Trek has given the bike thru axles and Closed Convert dropouts. This means that the rear dropout spacing is 142 x 12 mm and the fork is 15 mm for maximum stiffness, steering precision, and rigidity, yet both are able to convert to traditional quick releases to maximize aftermarket wheel compatibility.

The Trek Domane Disc 6.9 features Bontrager's brand new Affinity Elite Disc wheels.  The tubeless ready Affinity Elite Disc offers consistent braking and all condition confidence. Lightweight, and built for performance, this tubeless ready disc road wheel features disc specific rims on  interchangeable axles to allow for maximum compatibility.

The new disc brake option, available currently on Trek Domane 4.0 and Domane 6.9, also allows for significantly more tire and fender clearance than previous Domane generations, further improving the already incredibly smooth ride and expanding the Trek Domane’s ride capabilities.

In only two short years on the market, the Domane has soared to worldwide popularity winning numerous industry product awards as well as monumental spring classics under a key member of its performance development team, Fabian Cancellara. “The response we’ve seen from riders about the Domane has been unprecedented and adding a disc brake option further opens the door for riders to expand how and where this bike is ridden,” said Trek Road Bike Brand Manager Michael Mayer.

Trek Domane Disc FAQ

What's new about Trek Domane Disc? We've taken the award-winning smooth, efficient, stable Domane you know and love, and added the option of disc brakes and thru axles to select models.

What's the advantage of disc brakes on a road bike? Disc brakes offer more consistent braking across all weather conditions. You get more power, more control, and better modulation compared to standard caliper brakes. Simply put, disc brakes are better at being brakes!Introducing the Trek Domane Disc ready road bike

What's the advantage of thru axles on a road bike? Thru axles significantly stiffen the frame-wheel interface for more steering precision and better cornering, thanks to less flex in the system. They also ensure that the wheel is precisely placed in the dropout each time it is installed. This helps eliminate disc rotor rub from the wheel being crooked in the dropouts because of improper installation.

If disc brakes are so great, shouldn't everyone have them? Not necessarily. Yes, disc brakes offer superior braking performance over calipers; but the brakes, rotors, and wheels are much heavier than their rim brake counterparts, not to mention more expensive. Plus, there are simply more rim brake wheel choices available, particularly on the high end, and customers are more likely to have a few pairs of those already in their stable. But for that adventure-seeking customer looking for supreme braking performance in all conditions, disc brakes are the way to go.

What is the front and rear dropout spacing? Both axles run the common standards of 15 x 100 mm front and 12 x 142 mm rear.

Is Trek Domane Disc compatible with quick-release wheels? Yes. All Domane Disc models come set up with thru axles, but are convertible to QR if you're looking to run an existing wheelset. The rear converts to the 135 mm QR disc standard.

Which side does the lever go on with the front thru-axle? One of the beauties of our interchangeable dropout system is that you can swap the front dropouts from left to right. That means that if you're clinging to your inner retro-grouch, you can put the lever on the traditional side (left)—or you can keep the lever out of the way of the rotor by putting it on the non-disc side (right). It doesn’t matter to us, as long as you’re smiling and having fun on your ride. Or suffering so hard that you're on the verge of tears and crying out to mommy for milk and cookies. Whatever works for you.