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Bontrager Flare R Tail Light

"While on vacation at Jekyll Island GA. I had several people including a Ga.State Police Sergeant tell me that the rear tail light I was using could be seen from several miles. I was traveling on hwy.520 safer than years past because of the Flair R.  Thank You Cool Breeze and Trek !!!!"   -James N.

The Flare R is a daylight visible tail light that cuts through distractions to make every ride safer.

The Flare R is a game changer- a powerful 65 Lumen tail light that was designed to be daylight visible and can make cycling safer. It is an accessory that should be added to every bicycle that gets ridden on the road. This is not about gaining aftermarket sales, it is about taking care of your customers and making cycling safer.

The Flare R was designed for daylight visibility. It does this with 65 Lumens, balanced optics, and flash patterns that are optimized both in intensity and pattern for maximum visibility.

  • Balanced optics provide a focused beam ensuring visibility near and far- over 2km day or night.All new Bontrager Flare R Tail Light
  • Beam patterns were designed to draw attention for given conditions, day or night.
  • A balance of efficiency and power-65 Lumens, USB rechargeable, and weighs just 36g.

The Flare R features four unique modes. Two for day use and two for night use.

  • Day Flash mode, relies on powerful flashes of 65 Lumens strategically placed in an irregular flash pattern optimized for maximum visibility during the day – run time 5.75hrs
  • Day Steady, 25 Lumens of steady illumination great for group rides – run time 4.25 hrs
  • Night Flash, irregular flash pattern complemented by short pops of increased intensity optimized for night time visibility– run time 23 hrs
  • Nighttime Steady, provides 6 Lumens of steady light great for consistent night visibility – run time 21 hrs

The safety of daylight visible tail lights is here- Be Louder.

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