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Bontrager ION 700 Light Review

The Bontrager Ion 700 is Bontrager’s first serious light.  Bontrager has been building and selling basic lights for a long time and is now offering a legitimate riding light.  The light can do more than make your-self visible to on-coming traffic - the Ion 700 (700 Lumens via Bontager Lights are becoming the best availablehigh-power CREE LED) is bright enough to make riding in the dark safe.

The Bontrager Ion 700 head light has a sleek design that is smaller than most lights in this category.  The high power rechargeable light comes with a nice, easy to use mount and places the light slightly above the handlebar.  It is operated by one large button on top of the light and the rubber protected USB rechargeable port is on the bottom of the light. 

Bontrager worked hard to get the lighting just right.  The beam is directed in front of you and downward so that the light is focused where you need it, not up in the trees.  The Ion 700 also uses amber side visibility ports that increase the angles from which the light is visible.  

The Bontrager Ion 700 Lumen HeadlightThe light has 3 brightness levels and two flash patterns that can be cycled through by pressing the button on top of the light.  Bontrager designed the light with a memory mode so that the light turns on in the same mode it was using when turned off.  The LED light provides enough light to ride comfortably on unlit and uneven paths and the beam is wide enough to illuminate a wide neighborhood street.

The Ion 700 comes with Bontrager’s “Ion Sync” mount. The mount has a rubber strap that attaches it to the handlebar.  The standard setting should fit most handlebars and if the strap isn’t correct, it has an adjustment that will allow you to get a secure connection between the mount and handlebar.  The light then slides onto the mount with a solid click and can be released using a spring-loaded tab.

The Bontrager Ion 700 is a great light with a great look.  The optics are well designed and create a The Bontrager Flare RT USB Tail Lightbeam that is as good or better than its competitors.  The light is priced at $120 which is on the lower price point of similarly powered bike lights.    The light is designed for urban commuters, casual mountain bikers and road cyclists.  You can find he light at any Authorized Trek Dealer or online though you local Trek Dealers website.

We recommend combining the Ion 700 with the Bontrager Flare R daylight tail light (Flare R Tail Light Review) for the ultimate in safety and affordability.  It is also worth looking into the Bontrager Ion 700 RT system.  The RT System allows you to remotely control your headlight and taillight from your handlebar!  Combining the RT system with two Bontrager Flare RT Tail Lights can actually give your bike turn signals!



  • See with our focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility
  • Brightness: 700 Lumens via high-power CREE LED
  • 700LM , 450LM, 250LM, 50LM beam with extra bright flash and irregular strobe
  • 700LM-1.75hrs, 450LM-3hrs, 200LM-6.75hrs, 50LM+ Flash-22hrs,Irregular Strobe-40hrs
  • Fully charged in 5 hours through sealed Micro USB port
  • Includes 20 degree +/- adjustable Sync bracket that fits bars from 22.2-35.0mm
  • Blendr compatible

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