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Introducing The Trek Domane!

We're proud to introduce Trek's amazing Domane (say "Doe-mahn-ee")! Development started three years ago when World Champion Fabian Cancellara asked for a more compliant race bike for the classics, like Paris-Roubaix. After extensive testing and refinement, the Domane delivered a win in its first race on the rough roads of the Strade Bianche in Italy. Not since Lance Armstrong's days has Trek used this much input from a World Champion. If that's any indication, the Domane is going to be a trendsetter!

Once again, Trek has raised the bar. One of the innovative developments here is Trek's IsoSpeed compliance technology. It isolates the seat tube so the frame absorbs twice as much road shock as other endurance bikes. We've ridden it and can say that the Domane achieves a new level of smoothness. Trust us. You've never ridden anything like it.

Check out these Trek Domane Videos to learn more!

Trek Domane 6.9 Review From Velonews Magazine (May 2013 issue) 

"As far as comfor, the Trek Domane 6.9 is excellent.  Over rough roads, the influence of teh IsoSpeed decoupler is immediatelyTrek Domane 6.9 from Trek Bike Store of Charlotte NC noticable.  Remember the first time you rode a bike with tubulars?  The improved ride quality is equally profound....The elegance of the Domane's tracking over rough roads is fantastic. The decoupler helps the bike hug the road on rough descents or high-speed, rutted turns.  It allows teh rear wheel to maintain better contact with the road, providing increased traction, as well as improved ower efficiency....The price is abotu $1000 less than the Roubaix SL4, and a few of our testers actually liked it more than the Specialized."

Road Bike Action Magazine: 

"...when we hit our first section of cobbles every single journalist on the ride had the same reaction—this thing really works! I could hit the cobbles at full speed without being thrown to and fro, allowing me to keep the pressure on the pedals without the hits affecting my pedal stroke."

Peloton Magazine: 

"As we ramped up the pace to roll into the first climb and smashed into the cobbles the rear ISO Speed de-coupler did an astounding job. It soaked up the carnage at the contact patch with amazing aplomb."

From Bicycle Sport Shop (Austin, TX): 

“Good things come to those who wait.”

"If there’s ever been a time when that famous quote has applied to a large-scale bicycle manufacturer, this may well be it.

The Domane is, first, a complete re-look at road bike geometry from Trek. Not only are we talking about taller head tubes, but we’re also looking at a longer wheelbase, a shorter effective top tube, and a lower bottom bracket height. All of these things relax not only the rider position but also the ride quality itself when compared to a dedicated race bike–like the all-new Madone for example. Second, the Domane is constructed in a way to enhance ride smoothness. Tube shapes and build methods used are designed to maximize offering a smoother ride–without completely giving up the get-up-and-go you or Fabian might require. Third, the Domane is about new technology. At the heart of that new technology is IsoSpeed, a simple decoupler built on a sealed bearing system that separates the seat tube from the top tube and seat stays. The systems allows for added vertical compliance compared to a more traditional bike and, as a result, keeps the rider feeling better and fresher longer." Trek Domane 6.9 Review

Complete Bicycle Sport Shop Trek Domane Review

           IsoSpeedThe Trek IsoSpeed frame.       IsoSpeed ForkThe Trek IsoSpeed fork.     Power TransferThe Power Transfer Construction.             BB90The BB90 bottom bracket.
By isolating the seat tube, the frame absorbs road shock, not your body. This means you'll ride faster for longer. IsoSpeed also improves handling and pedaling! A perfect match for the Domane frame, the IsoSpeed fork offers ride-smoothing compliance. Cornering precision and front-end stiffness are still exceptional. From the E2 head tube, to the BB90 bottom bracket, to the rear wheel, Trek's Power Transfer Construction turns every last bit of energy into forward motion. The 90mm wide bottom bracket lets Trek build the frame with larger tubes for increased power transfer. The bearings are housed in the frame which saves weight.

Trek Domane Pictures

Fabian Cancellara attacks on his Trek Domane at Tour of FlandersCancellara attacks Sagan on Trek Domane in Tour of FlandersCancellara drops Sagan on his Trek DomaneCancellara on his winning Trek DomaneFabian Cancellara winning Tour of Flanders on Trek Domane