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Sales Testimonials

Good Morning,

This email is being sent as a courtesy to you and your employees of your Trek store.

My name is Edward Betts and my fiancé and I reside in the Roxboro area of North Carolina and we also have a home in the Charlotte area as well. On Saturday I finished the purchased of my Mamba Trek bike of which was purchased from your Charlotte store. I would like to take the time to inform you of how professional and comfortable your staff made me feel during the entire process. I felt very comfortable in speaking with them and they seemed to be open and honest in all of their answers.  Customer focus definitely seemed to be a priority for them directed solely to me and my needs.  Anthony was the sales person who assisted me through the purchase and as previously mentioned he was very courteous and professional throughout the process. I apologize but I did not ask for his last name.

I was told that you were the store manager and I feel as though this is definitely a reflection of you and how you maintain your staff.  Which at this time I would like to thank you as well for the way I was treated. My fiancé is also rider  and she is entertaining the thought of purchasing a trek bike as well. Needless to say, if this is the case we will be back certainly hopefully sooner than later for us to purchase our second Trek bike form you and your staff.  The customer focus was definitely a plus and we are looking forward to coming to your store once again for the same quality service and attention.

By the way, We rode the bikes for 13.1 miles this past Saturday and the bike performed beautifully. I have been looking for the last 2 months on purchasing a good quality bike. I definitely made the right decision with choosing Trek over the competitors.. But needless to say your staff was very encouraging as well during the decision making process..

 Thanks again and best regards, -Edward B

Steve, I had a fantastic experience everyone was very helpful. You have a very nice store I will definitely be referring more people your way. Thanks again! -Andy H

I want to thank the team at the Trek store of Charlotte.  Recently on vacation I came in and was looking to get back into road biking.  I worked with Travis who was very helpful and presented a number of bike options for me.  My window to purchase was small since I was vacationing, your team got the bike I needed sent in from Greensboro over July 4th, had it outfitted and ready to ride as promised, make sure it fit properly, helped me with many accessory purchases, and that's just the beginning.  I had to fly home with my bike and WOW was I impressed when I opened the box upon arriving home!  I had even kept an eye on the bike as it was loaded on and off the plane (pictures were taken) for worry of damage during transit.  Not a chance with the superior re-box job that was put forth for me.  I built the bike myself upon arriving home (had my local shop fine tune the gears - my weakness) and will have 100 miles under my belt by the end of the weekend!  This thing is LIGHT and FAST!  Thank you, to Travis and the rest of the team who helped make this an enjoyable shopping experience! -Matt S (Trek Madone 5.2)

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you thanks for operating such a fantastic store. In fact, thanks for employing the awesome group of guys that you have. I purchased a '12 Fuel EX 7 in the 18.5 size. And all of your people (George, Travis, Anthony, and one other who's name slips my mind) were very friendly and helpful. I know that I have made a wise decision by purchasing a Trek Bicycle from The Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte.- Jasen P

Cycling in the Fall Cool Breeze CycleryI wanted to take a minute to thank the staff at the Trek Store in Charlotte, NC. I was a new road bike owner and they did a tremendous job fitting my bike, providing me with quality information for my accessories, and talking with me about riding in general. I could go on and on about what an AWESOME experience it was. It is not very often you experience THAT level of High Quality Service! I've ridden 3 times since then and every expectation I had has been blown away! Thanks again Doug and Chad for all of your help and for truly exhibiting the level of service we customers love to get! -Steve S

I just want to thank all of you for the great service you provided for me. I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Cool Breeze Cyclery that helped me pick out the 'perfect' bike for my husband. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future! - Kathy S.

I recently purchased a bike with your store (Trek Bicycles of Charlotte -ed). I wanted to thank you for the stress free experience! I've been a runner for many years, so buying my first bike was an eye opening event! I knew nothing about bikes - really nothing. I came in multiple times over several weeks, road hybrids and road bikes and each time your staff was extremely knowledgeable, patient and friendly. There was no pressure and you allowed me the time to process and make the best decision on a bike for me. Arleigh was amazing - she knows everything about bikes you can possibly know! Thanks again Cool Breeze - I love my bike!
-Grateful customer, Rachel

Many thanks for taking such good care of me last Saturday. My Canadian friend John, was blown away by the care you took to make sure the bicycle fit me. - Lionel H.


Service Testimonials

I was in your Mooresville store Sunday afternoon. Mike made some major adjustments on the shifter and Nathan informed me very well on some future bike projects. Mike made sure the shifter was in top notch form! Nathan made sure I understood my options and what would be best for my needs. It was a most enjoyable experience working with these individuals! I really appreciate great service!! I will definitely return, although I may use your Ballantine store.

Thank you and keep up the great work - Ken C

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I recently brought my Trek Cobia 29er in for repair and I received fantastic customer service from an associate there named Anthony. He was extremely helpful in fixing my bike and explaining what had happened. I definitely will be coming back and requesting Anthony. I referred a friend to go there after my experience. My friend ended up buying a 3,000$ Trek Superfly and he absolutely loves it. Keep up the great work and thanks to Anthony!!!! - Nick B

Service was wonderful today, as always!  To Timmerman and crew were very helpful and I will always be a loyal customer!  Thank you! - George S.

Hey John and Michael,

One of the joys of retirement is that I do have a little extra time and I wanted to let you 2 and Steve know how much I appreciate all you do for me and my family.

Once again, I asked you guys to work on my bikes without creating any downtime for me and once again you came through. I tell everyone that Cool Breeze is my bike store and the two biggest reasons are John and Michael, the guys who work on the bikes! The work you did on mine and Mary's bike yesterday is perfect, I have ridden 16 miles on rough trails and Mary logged 7 yesterday, the bikes perform perfectly as usual and they both were in pretty rough shape. Thank you, thank you! 

Steve, I also appreciate you and your ability to keep a business thriving. I need you to be there and I tell everyone that you and your shop is the best in the area. I know you know what you have in John and Michael, they help make it such a joy to come into the store. Of course, the rest of your staff always does a great job too.

Thanks you guys!

Mark K.

From Irondad's Blog Post - …as it turns out John had the same frame size P2 in stock, and due to the tight timing of my upcoming race, Cervelo agreed to allow the frame from inventory to be used for the replacement, rather than following the ’standard’ warranty replacement procedures and timeframes

…rather startling actually when as consumers we’ve come to expect poor service as the norm…and therefore even ‘normal’ service stands out as extraordinary

…on the rare occasion when we see extraordinary service…like we’ve seen here from both Cervelo and Cool Breeze Cyclery…it just begs for an even higher level of kudos -IronDad

Part II from Irondad's Blog Post - An entire university course could be written on what Cool Breeze Cyclery and Cervelo did to put their people in a position to deliver this level of customer service…and then the tricky part, to have the right people in the right positions with the right authority to deliver. These are two companies that have that figured out…

I feel a strong need to vent and expound about what other companies could learn from this small story…but I won’t…you know the companies that give you great service…and that’s why you go back to them -Irondad

Earlier today I purchased a Co-Pilot seat for my son Liam. After about an hour of attempting to fit it to my wife's bike I called the store and Jeff recommended I bring it in and let them take a look. I explained to Jeff that I might not make it there until just before 6pm and he replied, "Come on in, we'll stay a little late."

The guys in the shop got the child seat mounted and my wife and I enjoyed our first ride with our son this evening.
That's customer service and that's why I will be a loyal customer - Jason D.

Bike Fits


Thank you very much for the time you spent with the bike fit yesterday. I rode the bike 20 miles today with zero back pain. Will go longer tomorrow. Amazing. Should have come to see you years ago.  -Eric D

Community Testimonials

Thank you for your support of the 2011 Bike MS Ride. The Ride raised more than $900K for national MS research. We could not have such a successful ride without your support. A special Thank You to Alex for working the ride and providing such great mechanical help. A special thanks to Chad as well for leading the Trek Team and being such a great team captain. We look forward to working with you all on next years ride! - Katie

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in our Joe Gibbs Racing Vendor Fair. Our employees had a lot of interest in your bikes. You helped make the event a success.

Nathan was a great representative for the North Lake Busines -Alice-Marie

From the level of customer service your staff at Trek Store gave me, I'm sure you get letters daily from satisfied customers. I wanted to tell you I had a tremendous experience at your store. The High Quality Service that other's promise can't hold a candle to the service I received. Awesome Job!

As a member of a small business myself, the actions of our staff represent our values. You should be very proud of what has been built. After only a short time, I understand why there was always a customer in your store. Great Team's accomplish Great Things! -Steve S.

Please accept this frame as a token of our sincerest thanks for all you do and your staff do for the TRI Latta Triathlon.  Again, Thank You for all your support!  -TRI Latta Triathlon

I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity. From the time I bought my first road bike last July and started riding the Sunday Trek Store rides, I have enjoyed everything about riding with you guys. The MS ride to the beach was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never been without a bike, although the road biking is new to me. I absolutely love it and I have wanted to try my hand at some races this year. I have been training hard in the hopes that if I did ok at a race or two this year maybe I could get a chance to race with a team but I never expected this invitation already. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the offer. Thank you so much. -Aaron P

Corporate Wellness Testimonials

I am your poster child for couch to sprint.  Not having a regular exercise routine for more than 15 years, I started training only 8 weeks prior to the event.  I lost 15 pounds and improved my resting heart rate.  It has not only improved my health, but also my family.  My daughter watched me train and get excited about the triathlon and started working out with me.  She has since done two triathlons (placing 3rd in each) and joined the swim team at her school.  She was previously not involved in sports. -Chad L

Being an avid runner and cyclist I knew I was missing out by not knowing how to swim.  Taking on the triathlon as part of the corporate challenge was just what I needed push myself to overcome the obstacle of not knowing how to swim as an adult.  After plenty of private lessons and countless hours in the pool I completed the corporate triathlon challenge and have opened a new world to myself.  I plan to come back next year faster and stronger. -John R.

Participating in the events as a first time triathlete allowed me to do something that I would never done on my own.  The atmosphere and support that was provided by my company and Cool Breeze helped me gain the confidence I needed to know that I could finish.  I now have ‘the bug’ and will be continuing in triathlons for as long as I’m physically able. -Steve H.