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Trek Emonda ALR Review

Trek Bikes recently introduced the Emonda as the lightest production bike they make.  As the Carbon Emonda received stellar reviews and the rising popularity of performance aluminum frames, it made sense that Trek would introduce an aluminum version.  The Trek Emonda ALR allows the rider to get a lightweight performance bike with better components than a comparable carbon bicycle.

The Trek Emonda ALR is a performance, everyday bike offered at an affordable price. There are 3 versions of the 2017 Emonda ALR, ALR 4 ($1349.99), ALR 5 ($1599.99) and the ALR 6 ($2099.99).  The ALR 4 frames are made of Trek’s 200 Series Alpha Aluminum.  The ALR 5 and 6 frames are made of Trek’s lighter 300 Series Alpha Aluminum.  All of the bikes have carbon forks.

The geometry of the Emonda ALR is the same as the more expensive full-carbon Emonda.  The bikes feel very similar on the road.  The 300 Series Alpha aluminum is tuned by hydro-forming the tubes to be size-specific so that they provide the target balance of stiffness and weight at every frame size.  Trek also uses “Invisible Weld Technology” to minimize the amount of material used to build the frame to reduce the overall weight.  A Size 54cm ALR 6 weighs 16.4 pounds!

A nice decision by Trek was to build each Emonda with a complete Shimano group set on each bike.  That means each bike regardless of group is 100% Shimano – compact crankset, brakes, shifters, etc.  All of the ALRs come with Bontrager Tubeless Ready wheels and Bontrager stems, handlebars and saddles.

Trek Bikes spent lots of hours testing the frame design and the end result is a frame that is comfortable and fast.  The Emonda ALR has precise, responsive and predictable steering.  With the new aluminum frame technology, the bike is stiff at the bottom bracket making it accelerate when stomping on the pedals.  The bike climbs as well as the carbon version.  The wide bottom bracket shell, stiff chain stays and tight front end result in a bike that works with you, not against you when climbing out of the saddle.

If you are looking for a light weight, race worthy and economically priced bike, the Emonda ALR is the bike for you.  The bike isn’t a carbon superbike, but will make you a better, faster rider without the high price tag.

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