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Trek Stache Bike Review

My Trek Stache Bike Review

I was fortunate to be able to ride the all new Trek Stache 9 at Trek World and a Trek Factory Demo in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Here is my review of the new Trek Stache.

The all new Trek Stache from Trek BikesWhen Trek Bikes introduced the new Trek Stache with 20+ wheels towards the end of the 2015 summer, we (the guys in the bike shop) weren’t sure where the bike fit in the scheme of things. We didn’t know if it was a ‘new’ version of the Fat Bike or what.  We weren’t sure how we were supposed to sell the bike to customers.

When riding the Trek Stache 9 at Trek World, I quickly realized that the 29+ isn’t just a gimmick.  The bike is fast and can be ridden hard and aggressively.  When I returned from Trek World, I told all of our salespeople that they could confidently tell their customers that it was a fast bike.The Trek Stache has a beefy, stiff frame

I am glad I was able to put some more time in riding the Trek Stache on a local trail that I know well.  It gave me a better idea of how the bike rides and handles. 

Here is my review in a nutshell:

  1. The front end feels heavier and slower than a typical hardtail.  This is because of the bigger – low pressure tires.  If you try to turn the handlebars, it will feel heavy.  But that is to be expected and DON’T READ TOO MUCH INTO THIS.
  2. To ride the bike fast, you have to trust the wheels and lean the bike over in the corners.  You want to initiate the turn by leaning into it with just a little bit of input with the handlebars.  The big tires will not break loose so you can roll through the corners.
  3. Trek designed the Stache frame with short chainstays resulting in a bike climbs that climbs great.   Trek accomplished this by raising the drive side chainstay above the chain.  Another major benfit of the raised chainstay is that is allows the bike to run a crank with a standard Q-factor.  This might seem insignificant, but it allows the rider to quickly adapt to the bike without the funny wide stance it takes to ride a true ‘Fat Bike’
  4. If you buy a Stache, set the tires up as tubeless and you only need to run about 10-12 psi.  The bike I rode had a little more air in the tires and I was able to get the tires toTrek Bikes picked a great purple color for the Trek Stache 7 bounce over some of the rougher, rooty sections.  The bike I rode in Waterloo had lower pressure and simply absorbed any rough stuff.  You will have to figure out the best tire pressure for your riding conditions.
  5. The new wheels use the Boost 148/110 hub spacing.  This allows the wheels to be stiffer and more responsive.  Another benefit of the new hub spacing is that it allows the bike to have shorter chainstays.  Boost 148 is probably going to become the new industry standard for 29er mountain bike wheels.
  6. If you decide to buy the Stache, you will not be disappointed and will not get dropped by your friends unless they are true hammerheads.  I easily kept up with my General Manager and he was riding an Trek EX 8.  Our service manager let me go in front of him through a technical section and he was struggling to keep up.

The new Bontrager Chupacabra 29+ Tires on the Trek StacheMy overall impression of the Stache is this:  If I could only have one bike and I never raced, I would get a Trek Stache 7 or 9.  The bike is a blast to ride and can be ridden like a true mountain bike.  I feel like I could race the bike to a mid-pack finish in any race that didn’t have any sustained climbing.  It’s that good!

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