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Shop Ride Descriptions

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte South Bike RideGeneral Information:

  • Helmets are REQUIRED for all of our group rides.
  • We ask that you ride a road bike unless you can consistenty maintain the rides minimum posted speed for the distance of the ride.  Road bikes inheritenly move faster than other bikes, but that doesn't mean you can't keep up on a hybrid or mountain bike.
  • All rides are weather permitting. If the temperature is sub 40 degrees, please contact the shop and/or group ride leaders.  Also, check our Facebook page for the latest updates.
  • Participants are considered to be on a private excursion and thus must agree to hold harmless the ride leaders, Cool Breeze of Lake Norman and its employees and agents for injury or loss that might occur as a result of taking part in these rides.
  • Times listed are departure times. Arrive early and be ready to go at the scheduled departure time.

To learn more about group rides, here are some great articles about riding in groups:

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What does "No Drop" mean?

No drop is a classification of group ride in which you WILL NOT be left behind or "dropped" from the group in the event you are unable to maintain the average speed. Should you fall behind, our staff group ride sweeper will be your personal escort to ensure you return to the shop safely.

For additional information about Cool Breeze rides, contact Nathan.
For additional information about Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - North rides, contact Doug.
For additional information about Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - South rides, contact Ang.



Cool Breeze Cyclery Sunday C Ride - 9AM

Cool Breeze Cyclery Sunday Morning RideA RIDE FOR THE EVERYDAY RIDER!!!!!!!

Join us at Cool Breeze Cyclery at 9am for a C Ride! This is a no drop ride and is a 23.5 mile route with a few hills! We head out of the back of Mooresville into the country.  We will climb Patterson Farm Rd. and Johnson Dairy Road and regroup at the top of both climbs.  The pace will average around 16mph depending on the terrain (we may go a little faster and a little slower).

Afterwards, feel free to come in the shop or head over to Starbucks for a cup of joe or a scone!

Watch a short video from one of our Sunday Morning Rides.


Email Nathan with any questions.

Old Shop Ride Route - 42 Miles.

Location : Cool Breeze Cyclery Exit-33













Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - North Sunday B/C Ride - 9:00AM

Join us at Trek Stores of Charlotte - North for a no drop C ride leaving at 9:00 am!  The average speed is 15-16mph over 26.5 miles. There are stops along the way to allow riders to catch their breath and take a drink. These breaks are usually about 5 minutes in length or until the group collectively decides to move along.  This is a moderate ride for folks wanting a social workout on their bikes. We do ask that folks be able to maintain a 15 mph average over rolling terrain. These rides are intended for those on road bikes, but those on fitness bikes that are able to maintain the average speed are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

Any questions, email Jason

Click for Route Map

    Location : Trek Bikes of Charlotte Exit-18

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - South Sunday B/C Ride - 9:00AM

Start of the Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - South Sunday RideYour Sunday ride opportunities just got better! Check out the Sunday morning ride with the good folks at Trek Bicycle Store of South Charlotte! Store manager Ang aka "Radchick" and shop employee Mark Hoffman will be rolling...

This ride leaves from the store parking lot at 9:00am on Sunday mornings and offers two route options. Both groups roll out together and split in the first few miles. Our 'no drop' group typically averages 15-17mph and completes a 24 mile route; the longer 31 mile ride is a 'show & go' format (but still aims to keep everyone together) and usually averages about 19mph. Riders from both groups gather afterwards for coffee and refreshments.

Come for the ride, stay for the conversation!  We even created our own Shop Ride Facebook Page!

For more details contact Ang

Location:  Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - South


Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - South Tuesday Night TaTa Ride - Postponed until Spring

Tuesday Night TaTa Ride at Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - Souty

Join us every Tuesday for a laid back easy peasy 20 mile ride. 14-16 average and we will leave no (wo)man behind! Starts form the shop's parking lot at 6:30!  (POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING)

For more details contact Ang

Location:  Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - South

North Meck/Primal Brewery Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride 6:15 p.m.

Join us for our weekly mountain bike ride at North Meck Park.  The ride starts at 6:30pm but jump in when you can.  We will run as many laps as the day allows - and pull out the lights if necessary.  

After the ride, we will head over to Primal Brewery for a beverage or two.

Any questions, email Nathan

Location: North Meck Park, Huntersville

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - South Wednesday Night Road Ride - Postponed until spring

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte Wednesday Night RideTrek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - South offers a Wednesday evening group ride for advanced and intermediate road cyclists. Two groups roll out from the store parking lot approximately 5 minutes apart and ride towards the rolling hills and open country roads of Marvin/Waxhaw. The first group includes both an unsupported A ride (40 miles at 22+mph) as well as a B group with a ride leader (38 miles at 20mph); the A and B group leave together and typically split after a 5-6 mile neutral warmup.

The second rollout includes a B2 and a 'no drop' C group. The B2 group features a 31 mile route at a target pace of 18-19mph, and it has both a ride leader and sweeper. While officially a 'show & go' format, the B2 group aims to keep as many riders together as feasibly possible. The C group is our designated 'no drop' ride and completes a 24 mile route at a target pace of 16-17mph. The C group has a leader and sweeper, and typically forms off the back of the second rollout 3-5 miles after departing from the parking lot together with the B2 group.

A total of four groups offers a great route option for riders of nearly all abilities. Afterwards, riders meet for cold beverages and appetizers (with a special cyclist discount!) just a short walk from the store.

Follow our Shop Ride Facebook Page.   Contact Ang with any questions.

Location:  Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - South