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2013 Trek Madone

On June 26, 2013, Trek Bicycle launched an entirely n

ew generation of its eight-time Tour de France-winning road bikewith the all-new Trek Madone line. Adopting the mantra of “fast is everything,” the new Madones offer a rider major advancements in three key areas: aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness. Most notably, the 7 Series Madone saves its rider an enormous 25 watts at 40kph, over the previous generation.

Available in 5, 6, and 7 Series OCLV Carbon frames, as well as a 2-Series aluminum version, the Madone brings world-class racing performance to riders of all levels, with no compromise in ride quality. The new Madone line is complimented by a complete line of Domane endurance road models, from the Strade-Bianche winning 6 Series, as well as OCLV carbon 5 and 4 Series, and a 2 Series aluminum option.

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What makes a bike fast? Everything. It has to be aerodynamic, it has to be light, and it has to be efficient. The all-new 7 Series Madone is all of those, without sacrificing the amazing ride quality you've come to expect from Madone.

Madone 7 Series is the road racing bike champions have dreamed of. The lightest. The fastest. Incredibly aero. Built by hand to win it all. Because fast is everything.

Want to go fast? Ride a race bike. Want to go faster? Ride a Trek OCLV Carbon race bike. Want to go fastest? Ride Madone 7 Series. And see how fastest feels.

More 2013 Trek Madone Techonolgy

2013 Trek Madone Brakeless Seatstay 2013 Trek Madone Internal Cabeling 2013 Trek Madone KVF Headtube 2013 Trek Madone Integrated Brakes
Brakeless seatstay

Madone's integrated brakes allowed us to redesign the seatstay, eliminating the brake bridge and removing reinforcing layers to shed weight without compromising performance.
Internal cable routing

Shift and brake cables are routed through the frame for the lightest, cleanest, best cable management ever
KVF head tube

Super-aero head tube is optimized at the leading and trailing edges for minimum drag.
Integrated brakes

Brakes should slow you down, but only when you apply them. We built front and rear brakes directly into the Madone fuselage to keep them hidden from the wind, reducing drag.

In addition to improving aerodynamics, integrating the brakes eliminates the need for mounting plates and bolts, saving weight.

2013 Trek Madone FAQ

Should I be riding a new Madone or a Domane?
Madone keywords: light, aero, fast.
The Madone is best suited for riders looking for the lightest, most aerodynamic option and grand
tour performance.

Domane keywords: powerful, stable, comfortable.
The Domane is best suited for riders looking for the most stable, comfortable endurance option for long rides over varying road conditions.

How does the ride of the new Madone compare to previous models?
When we redesigned the Madone, we held ourselves to the seemingly impossible goal: gain
everything and give up nothing. The all-new Madone is lighter and more aero, without giving up
the legendary characteristics that make a Madone so special to ride.

Is this an “aero” bike?
We set out to design the fastest, most complete Madone ever.
We wanted the all-new Madone to ride like a true road bike.
We wanted it to ride like a Madone.

This is a very different bike from the so-called aero road bikes in the market. Most of those models come with significant compromises: they’re either whippy (low lateral stiffness) and/or they’re really heavy. In contrast, the new Madone delivers on all the key points that make a bike special:  light weight, aerodynamics, stiffness, and compliance. No compromises.

Is the new tube shaping the same as the Speed Concept? Is this bike good for triathlons?
The Madone and the Speed Concept share the revolutionary KVF technology, but the tube shapes
are slightly different.

We recommend the Speed Concept for most triathlon applications, but the new Madone would
excel in extremely hilly conditions when weight and aerodynamics are paramount.

What is the difference between the 5, 6, and 7 Series Madones?
The Madone 5 Series uses 500 Series OCLV Carbon. The Madone 6 and 7 Series bikes use 600
Series OCLV and 700 Series OCLV carbon, respectively, are hand built in Waterloo, WI, and are
available through our Project One custom paint program.

500 Series OCLV achieves a superb balance of light weight, strength, and stiffness.
600 Series OCLV features advanced aerospace materials and weight-saving, performance-enhancing processes like StepJoint technology.
700 Series OCLV is the lightest and strongest carbon in cycling, with the ultimate combination of superior modulus and superior strength.