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Learn more about the new Trek Boone Cyclocross Bikes

Boone FAQ

What is Boone?
The Cyclocross Superbike.

What’s new about Boone?
Boone is an entirely new bike, from the ground up. We started with our premium 600 Series OCLV carbon, and added the ‘cross specific IsoSpeed decoupler, Ride Tuned seatmast, the World Cup winning geometry of the Crockett, disc and canti options, and 3S chain keeper, all wrapped it in a package so light that it makes most road bikes jealous.

Does Boone share geometry with the Crockett?
Boone’s geometry is the same as the Crockett, which we developed with input from Katie Compton to create the ultimate CX race geometry. Compared to Cronus, Boone has a lower head tube, longer top tube, steeper seat angle, lower BB, and shortened chainstays. This makes for a more forward, race-oriented riding position.

What makes the IsoSpeed decoupler on Boone ‘cross specific?
We re-engineered the location of the decoupler so it’s in line with the seat tube, versus in front of the seat tube as it is on the Domane. This allowed us to make the top tube taller, for easier and more comfortable shouldering when you hit the run-ups.

What brake options are available?
Just as with Crockett, Boone will be available in both disc and canti models.

What spacing is the disc version?
The disc version uses a 135mm rear wheel spacing. The cantilever version keeps the 130mm spacing.

What’s the best handup?
Beer is tried and true, but bacon or birthday cake is a good alternative. Personal favorite is a dollar bill safety-pinned to a fishing pole. Bonus points for bobbing it up and down, making it harder for the riders to grab it.

How does Boone combat the inevitable run-in with mud?
We created weather sealed plugs for the housing points, IsoSpeed decoupler, and BB cable guide to keep out water and mud and to keep everything running smoothly. We also route the cables internally and give you the option to run full-length housing for maximum protection.

Does Boone include fender mounts?
The disc version of Boone includes fender mounts on the frame and fork.

Is this compatible with electronic drivetrains?
Yes, Boone is completely compatible with all electronic drivetrains. You can even put Shimano’s internal battery in the seat tube, where it will be completely hidden from any mud or debris.

What is the max tire clearance?
Boone can fit up to a 700x38c tire.

How much does Boone weigh?
A 56cm painted disc frame with the IsoSpeed hardware comes in at 1100g.

2014 Trek Boone Cyclocross Pictures

Katie Compton Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike Svn Nys winning on Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike Svn Nys on Trek Boone Cyclocross bike
Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike Isospeed Images of Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike
Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike Trek Boone 5 Cyclocross Bike Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike

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