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What Are E-Bikes?
Electric bikes, also called E-bikes or electric assist bicycles are human-powered bicycles with integrated electic motors to provide a cyclist with additonal power and speed.

The latest generation of electric bikes feature lightweight, removable, rechargeable batteries making them easy,practical and fun to use in a variety of settings.  This style of bicycle is wildly popular in Europe and ar one of the fastest growing segments of bicycles in the US because they make cycling more approachable and really fun to ride.

Trek has 5 e-bike models. the Lift+, the Conduit+, the XM700+, the DualSport+, and the Neko+.

Trek XM700 Electric Bikes at Trek Bike Stores of Charlotte

Why You Need an Electric Bike

Make Commuting Easier
One of the major reasons people don't commute by bike is because of the effort level required to get to work.  If you don't have access to a shower when you get to work, feeling clean all day at work is difficult  It's important to feel fresh and clean at work. E-bikes allow you to get to work while burning some calories, yet not requiring a full-blown workout.

Trek XM700 Bikes Available at Trek Bikes of Charlotte

The Recreational, Fun-Loving Cyclist
Riding an electric bike is good exercise, in fact better exercise than a regular bike if you will ride the e-bike more than your standard bike, which most E-bikers do. Riding an electric bike is so exhilarating that it’s easy to forget you are exercising. You can get yourself to go out next weekend for a soul inspiring 50 mile ride, something that most people are not in shape enough to do on a regular bike.

Environmentally-Conscious Cyclist
E-bikes make running errands easier.  With the boost of the electric motor, carrying groceries or small loads is easier.  E-bikes are designed with a more upright riding positions than most bikes making carrying extra loads easy and fun. get to leave the car at home!

Keep up with the kids or significant other
Whatever the reason; work, life in general and you aren't as fit as you want to be, but you want to keep up with your kids or maybe your S.O. wants to ride with you.  An E-bike will allow you or your S.O. to keep up while enjoying the company.

Hill Climbing
With even a modestly powered electric motor, climbing hills at the end of a long day of work can be almost refreshing. Anyone who has entertained the thought of riding to work, but prefers to limit the tough climbs to weekend riding, will have one less reason not to ride daily.

Trek Ride+The all new Trek XM700 Electric Bike

Trek's E-Bikes doesn't disappoint with its smooth, predictable power, long-lasting and easy-to-charge battery, and comforatble balance. The RIDE+ features and advanced motor that allows for a very natural-feeling electric boost while you pedal, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you stay in control of your ride.  RIDE+ is the perfect combination of fun and practicality.

Schedule a Test Ride Today!

Until you've ridden an E-bike, it's really hard to explain how much fun they are.  We have a couple Trek XM700 E-bikes in inventory that are charged and ready for you to test ride.   We will be happy to explain how the E-bike works, show you how the controls work and let you experience the E-bike in a real live riding environment.


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