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Bike Fit - Charlotte, NC


Get Fitted for your bike - Charlotte, NC

A proper fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike. Our fit services utilize Trek’s Precision Fit Cycle and Saddle Pressure Mapping technology to provide the most comprehensive fit services in the Charlotte area.

A tailor-made solution to your specific needs can lead to a faster, more comfortable, and more enjoyable ride. Call today to schedule an appointment with our Trek-Certified Fit Specialist.

Please note: We are unable to offer a Motion Capture Fit or Full Trek Precision Fit at this time.  

Basic (Static) Fit


Included with new bike purchase
Basic interview
Adjust cleats, saddle height, saddle fore-aft, and stem

Saddle Pressure Map Fit


Includes everything with Basic Fit
Adds pressure analysis of current saddle
Pressure analysis of other saddles to determine best shape saddle for individual
Refinement of correct saddle position