Being comfortable is the most important element of riding a bicycle.  The Trek Bicycle Stores of Charlotte and Cool Breeze Cyclery have Trek’s Precision Fit Cycle and Pressure Mapping technology to ensure you are correctly fit to your bike.

When you are properly fit to your bicycle, you become more efficient, powerful and more resistant to injuries.  We will interview you to learn about your current and future cycling goals.  We will then tailor the bike fit to help you reach those goals using our advanced technology.

What separates the Trek Bicycle Store fit services from the rest?  We use Trek’s Precision Fit Cycle and exclusive Saddle Mapping Technology to ensure that we provide the most comprehensive fit services in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area.  Using high-speed cameras and pressure mapping technology while on the Fit Bike allows us to provide the most accurate fit and best saddle for you.

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Basic (Static) Fit


Included with new bike purchase
Basic interview
Adjust cleats, saddle height, saddle fore-aft, and stem

Saddle Pressure Map Fit


Includes everything with Basic Fit
Adds pressure analysis of current saddle
Pressure analysis of other saddles to determine best shape saddle for individual
Refinement of correct saddle position

Motion Capture Fit


In-depth interview
Flexibility and Range of Motion analysis
Use of high speed camera to perform measurements using Trek Precision Fit software
Use of saddle pressure mapping
Bike fit measurements kept on file
Follow up adjustment as needed in 60 days

Full Trek Precision Fit


In-depth interview
Range of Motion analysis
In-depth foot and shoe analysis
Fit performed on Trek Precision Fit bike
High speed camera with Trek Precision Fit software
Motion analysis of multiple views of the body as needed
Saddle pressure mapping
Full print out of measurements of bike fit to take home
Follow up adjustment as needed in 60 days