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Lake Norman

Cool Breeze Cyclery Store Hours
124 Trade Court, Ste. F Monday 10am-7pm
Mooresville, NC 28117 Tuesday 10am-7pm
Phone: (704) 663-8812 Wednesday 10am-7pm
Email: Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
Adventure Center

Our Mission:  
Develop a relationship…Create an experience…Build a community

Our Vision:  To become the destination of choice for providing the most satisfying total customer cycling experience.

Cool Breeze Cyclery - Staff

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte Employee Doug at Charlotte Winter Short Track Series Race

General Manager/Co-Owner - Doug Korinek

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How long have you worked for Cool Breeze Cyclery/Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte? Over 2 Years.

Hometown? Good question, I have lived all over the place, don’t know if I have a home town anymore, does Charlotte count??

Why do you love working in cycling industry? Bikes, people and the challenge that is the bicycle industry. “Bikes are a simple solution to our complex problems”. More than that they are cool, fun, technically incredible and a doorway to endless adventures.

Favorite Bike? That’s a trick question…..can I pick all of them? Trek Crockett, Trek Stache 8 and my Speed Concept--it’s just fast and comfortable.

How many bikes do you own? Not even close to enough. I think my kids have more than me though.

What style of riding do you like best and why? Any style works for me. I don’t really care what it is if I am riding.

Most memorable race or ride moment? Teaching my boys to ride without training wheels. Having the opportunity to see so many people I have helped over the years go out and do things they thought weren’t possible.

Favorite Food? All of it…….

Company Buyer/Co-owner - Nathan

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Hometown?  After living in Minnesota, New Jersey, Japan and Singapore, I have lived here in the Mecklenburg County area for about 21 years now so I would say I have found my hometown here.

Why do you love working in cycling industry?  I enjoy a lot of aspects of cycling and the business that surrounds it.  I have met a lot of great people along the way on both sides of the industry – customers and suppliers, and I look forward to what is to come.  

Favorite Bike?  Wow.  Every year new technology comes out on new models.  This answer always changes.  Currently I am really enjoying my Trek Emonda SLR 6.

How many bikes do you own?  4 total – 2 road and 2 mountain.

What style of riding do you like best and why? I am split between mountain and road.  I found my love for cycling through mountain biking and still really enjoy how peaceful it can be out there on the trails.  I found it presents a unique experience with all the different obstacles you encounter and how peaceful and quiet it can be. I have seen bears, deer, ducks, wild turkeys, snakes, and a bobcat while playing in the dirt. I enjoy being on my road bike too. There is something about being able to have a nice smooth (most of the time) ride and enjoy the scenery that makes it special. 

Most memorable race or ride moment?  Going down to Auburn and riding in the Bo Bikes Bama event.  It was a really good time, the cycling was great, and I was around some great company the entire time down there, on and off the bike.

Favorite Food?  Tuna Casserole.  That’s right. Tuna Casserole.

Trek Bicycle store of Charlotte, NC Service Tech Colin

Store Manager - Matthew (aka Slider)

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Hometown?  Norwich, NY (a small town in upstate NY). A proud Yankee, although the weather here is enough to make me stay forever!

Why do you love working in cycling industry?   I love working in the cycling industry because it’s truly a fun industry. I mean who rides a bike because they hate it? Nobody. Being able to work in an environment where everyone is always happy and loves what they do is where I want to be. I have a true passion for bikes because they changed my life, and I love to witness those same 2-wheeled machines changing many other lives as well!

Favorite Bike?   The one with two wheels…

How many bikes do you own?  Currently I own 2 bikes, but I’m a firm believer in the N+1 motto where N equals your current amount of bikes.

What style of riding do you like best and why? I’m a road guy through and through. I love speed and you just can’t get that kind of feeling on a mountain/cyclocross bike. The only reason I like climbing is because I know there’s a fast descent on the other side!

Most memorable race or ride moment?  It’s got to be the 2012 Giordana Crossroads Classic. Everything just seemed to click that week for me and I came away with the overall win in the Cat 4 field thanks to the team I had around me! They killed themselves to get me where I needed to be and I will forever remember that year!

Favorite Food?  Honey chicken with coconut rice and vegetables.

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte employee Alex

Service Manager - Kiel

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Hometown?  Pensacola, FL

Favorite Bike?  Whatever one is under me at any given time.

What style of riding do you like best and why? Mountain. I enjoy the constantly changing terrain and being in the woods.  I have also liked the woods. 

Most memorable race or ride moment?  The ride from Key Largo to Key West. I lived in Key West for 4 years and would do this ride several times a year.  Very pretty and relaxing ride. 

Favorite Food? Lasagna

Trek Bike Store Employee Jason on top of the world in DuPont Forest.

Sales Associate - Larry

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Hometown?  Local boy.  Newton, NC     

Why do you love working in cycling industry?  I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my enjoyment of cycling.  Seeing the face of someone who hasn’t been on a bike in a while or a child with a new bike is wonderful. Cycling brings out the child in all of us!

Favorite Bike?  Fuel EX 9, Madone 5.2

What style of riding do you like best and why? Right now it’s mountain biking! I enjoy clearing my mind by being in the woods on a bike.

Most memorable race or ride moment? Blood, Sweat and Gears. The hardest and most rewarding ride I have ever done. Great scenery, great support, great cause and lots of climbing!

Favorite Food? Nachos and Pizza! 

Sales Associate - Rob

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Hometown?  Charlotte, NC

Why do you love working in the cycling industry? I’ve grown up in the industry. Long story short, I was the shop kid riding around on the kid’s bikes and hanging out with the mechanics in the back.

Favorite Bike? My Domane 5 series but I have to include the Stache. It's up there too.

What style of riding do you like best and why? Road. I like going fast.

Most memorable race or ride moment? I went to the UCI Worlds in Richmond, VA. It’s the biggest race I’ve been to and I’ll never forget the experience.

Favorite Food? Seafood, “see my food”?

Cool Breeze Owner with Jens Voight

Co-Owner Chris Vasiloff

How long have you worked for Cool Breeze Cyclery/Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte?  From inception. Co-owner of the business.

Hometown?  Akron, Ohio

Why do you love working in cycling industry?  The people are great to be around and are health, environment and community minded.

Favorite Bike?  Hmmm – all of them

How many bikes do you own?  Nine.

Experience / Expertise?  C+ to B- rider. I enjoy all types of cycling, but being in the woods is the best.

What style of riding do you like best and why?  See above

Most memorable race or ride moment?  Two: Climbing Alpe d’Huez and Mt. Ventoux

Why do YOU ride?  It just feels right.

Favorite Food?  Chicken Tetrazzini

Fun Fact about you?  Tries to act like he’s 35 – but alas, needs too many naps

More:  After retiring from corporate life, Chris, working with Steve and the staff, has been working on the strategic vision that Cool Breeze and the Trek Store were founded on in 2005. The central theme has been and continues to be to introduce more people to the joys of cycling from young kids to older adults.

Chris has been a long time recreational rider and rates himself as a C+ to B- rider. Mountain biking is the greater passion but he is also very happy on a road bike or commuter as well.

He, along with his wife, Cyndie, have become veterans of Trek Travel trips including bike tours in Europe, the Pacific Northwest, California  and the New Mexico mountains. In 2011 they climbed Alpe d’Huez and survived Mont Vontoux in 2013.

Chris can be found riding at many charity events in the local area and occasionally participating in local races. He can also be found mountain biking, road biking and hiking in the Western Carolina mountains; particularly around Beech Mountain.

His personal bike fleet is ever changing but has recently added a road bike with special mountain climbing gearing to his stable and does manage to find occasions to ride all 9 of his bikes.