Test ride an electric bike

Do more. See more. Experience more for yourself. Test ride an electric bike at home to find the bike that works best for you! 

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Electric bikes aren't complicated. They are human-powered bicycles equipped with lightweight, removable batteries for easy charging. We keep it simple with a wide range of top-of-the-line e-bikes from Trek and Electra that make more possible.

Don't Just Keep Up - Lead the Way

Our e-bikes are comfortable, dependable, and fun. Even if you aren't as young and fit as you used to be, the youthful joy of riding a bike can still be yours on an e-bike. Explore the outdoors, ride with your loved ones, and be "the active one" again. 

Test out new trails on your e-bike
Ride longer, more often on a electric bike

Ride More

When you have a little help on the hills and can easily keep up with everyone you ride with, you tend to ride your bike more. E-bikes make it easier to do more, see more, ride more. 

Don't Waste Time in Traffic

Daydreaming about an easier commute but feel like your office is just a little too far for a bike ride? With the extra assistance of an e-bike and plenty of storage options, zooming by traffic and getting a little exercise is no longer out of reach.

Commute quicker on an electric bike


Ready to see for yourself which electric bike fits you best? Visit us today for more information and to take one of our e-bikes out for a ride. We are happy to offer any one of our e-bikes for a 24-hour demo.  We'll even deliver it to you and pick it up the next day, all you have to do is let us know which one you want to ride. Come by today or call for more details.