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bicycle tire inner tube

Lifetime Flat Repair Service

Never Worry About a Flat Again

Quick math: 1 tube (approx. $7.99) + labor ($9.00) = $16.99 for one standard flat repair

That adds up quickly if both tires go flat at the same time or even if you get a few flats over the course of time that you own your bike.

Take advantage of our Lifetime Flat Repair Service and skip the hassle of changing a flat.


(when purchased with new bike)
(when purchased for a bike you already own)

Duration: as long as you own the bike 

Includes: new tube to replace the flat and the labor to install it

Does Not Include: tire replacement (which is sometimes needed to prevent further flats)


Q: What if I am running a tubeless setup? 
A: We'll add the sealant you need in replacement of a tube.

Q: What if I have to replace the flat myself mid-ride?
A: We'll reimburse you for the spare tube you used.

Q: Does this service apply to all of my bikes?
A: Only those that you purchase the Lifetime Flat service for, but any bike can be enrolled in the program.

Contact us about signing up for the program.

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