Ride Outside
Gravel Biking

Adventure Without Limits

A gravel road, a bike packing trip, or a daily commute...it's time to venture off the beaten path. Trek's all-new gravel bike is ready to roll over rock and road. The Checkpoint is now available at all of our locations!

Fitness Bike

Reinvent Your Workout

There's no better time to reinvent your workout than right now - the temperature is rising, the sun is shining, and we have just the bike for you! Getting in shape isn't just easier with the FX, it's also more fun. 

Mountain Biking

Ride Anywhere

You can ride practically anywhere with a mountain bike, whether it's a hardtail or full-suspension, mid-fat or standard. It's time to hit the trails.

Kids' Bike

Light the Spark

Get everyone in your family outside and on a bike this year and hit the trails, road, neighborhoods, and parks together. Start by checking out our wide selection of kids' bikes. 

Cruising on a path

Take a Cruise

Hop on a Verve and get to know your neighborhood better! Cruise around in comfort to the park, grocery store, or a part of your neighborhood you're just now discovering.

Road bike handlebars


That hill, your next race, your personal record - whatever your next challenge is, dominate it with a Trek road bike. Did we mention you can also customize it to get exactly what you want?

Cycling Accessories