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mountain bike riders on electric mtb bikes

E-Bike 24-Hour Demo

It can be hard to decide on a new bike, especially if it's unfamiliar. That's why we offer a 24-Hour Demo for all of our E-Bikes. How does it work? Just three simple steps:

1. Choose An E-Bike

Pick the color and style you prefer, we'll help you figure out the best size, and we'll make sure the bike is ready to go for a test-ride. We can even deliver it for you if you don't have a way to transport it yourself.

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2. Ride It Around Your Neighborhood

The bike is yours for 24 hours, so ride it to your heart's content! Explore your neighborhood, let it cozy up with the other bikes in your garage, test the lights, race yourself, have fun! This is the perfect time to see how an e-bike can work for you.

3. Decide How Much Fun You Want To Have

When your demo finishes and you return the bike to us, you get to decide how much fun you want to have. Is that the bike for you? Or do you want to try one that is maybe a little faster, more comfortable, or just a different style? The choice is yours.

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