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Why Trek Travel?  The Trek Travel Difference

You'll know it the minute you say our name. We're born of Trek Bikes, and that means impeccable quality, being driven by adventure and a love of cycling are all in our DNA.  And it means we know how to find the perfect roads, boutique accomidations, idyllic towns, delectable meals, and extraordinary experiences and introduce them to you, all on bikes that you're guaranteed to love.

We believe in the simple joy of cycling, of being a kid again.  We are a team of globetrotters, world-travelers and dreamers who know how to inspire memories you'll hold on to forever.  At Trek Travel, we passionately believe the world is best seen from the seat of a bicycle.

That's more than our promise.  It's our difference.

North America Trek Travel Trips

North American Trek Travel Trip Vermont

There's always more undiscovered country.  You can fit all of Europe within the boundries of North America.  Here, the roads are wider, the natural beauty is more varied, and you don't need a passport for an epic vacation.  In fact, you could easily make the experience of a lifetime out of riding form one coast to another, sampling different destinations, cultures and tastes (Trek Travel should know, they do it every year with a lucky few on our Portland-to-Portland cross-country trip).  You've never seen North America until you've seen it from a bike.  And just because you call it home doesn't mean there's less to discover.

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Trek Travel Trip in France

European Trek Travel Trips

Across the pond.  A thousand miles from ordinary.  It feels like everything in Europe is just a little moremagical.  The rhythm is just a little slower.  The cities, just a little more charming.  The people a little more welcoming.  The food and wine is just a little more gourmet.  And the roads, just a little more inviting.  Whether it's riding through a tiny mountain village during Sunday market, savoring a glass of Champagne straight from the source, or taking in the size and scope of yet another jaw-dropping thousand-year old castle or cathedral, Europe is turly a destination like no other.  There's a little certain something about a vacation here that you may not be able to describe, but it all comes together in a Trek Travel experience that's a whole lot more memorable.

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