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All group rides are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19. During these unusual times, we are doing our best to protect our community, customers, and employees. We look forward to riding with you again!

Group Rides
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Riding is More Fun With Others

It's true. Riding with others only adds to the experience of riding a bike and opens the door to a whole new community of others who enjoy riding bikes just as much as you do. 

Looking for someone to ride with? Join us! We love showing others the best routes in the area, introducing cyclists to new riding buddies, and simply having a great time on two wheels together.

All of our shops host a no-drop ride each weekend. Check out the rides below to find the best one for you.
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What Does "No Drop" Mean?

No drop is a classification of group ride in which you WILL NOT be left behind or "dropped" from the group in the event you are unable to maintain the average speed. Should you fall behind, our staff group ride sweeper will be your personal escort to ensure you return to the shop safely.

Lake Norman Group Rides

Contact Chris for additional information.

North Charlotte Group Rides

Contact Colin for additional information.

South Charlotte Group Rides

Contact Ang for additional information.

Trek North Saturday Group Ride

Ride Description:

Local cyclists of all types and skill levels - this is a B ride that will roll out at 7:30am for 38 miles.

The shop will be open at 7:00am for whatever you may need pre-ride, and we will roll out at 7:30am! The group will average a pace of 17-18mph. This is a no-drop ride that will wait for all riders at the turns. 

We hope to see a lot of smiling faces, all bikes and all riders are certainly welcome! 

Winter season rides are limited to the B group ride. Updates are posted on the Trek of CLT North - Saturday Group Ride FB page.

Time: 7:30AM
Location: Trek of CLT - North Charlotte
Any questions,  Email Colin or check out the group Facebook page for updates.

South Charlotte Wednesday Night Ride
South Charlotte Wednesday Night Ride
Ride Description:
Trek Bicycle Store of Charlotte - South offers a Wednesday evening group ride for advanced and intermediate road cyclists. At 6pm, two groups roll out from the store parking lot approximately 5 minutes apart and ride towards the rolling hills and open country roads of Marvin/Waxhaw. The first group includes both an unsupported A ride (30 miles at 18+mph) as well as a B group with a ride leader (38 miles at 20mph); the A and B group leave together and typically split after a 5-6 mile neutral warmup.
The second rollout includes a B2 group. The B2 group features a 31 mile route at a target pace of 18-19mph, and it has both a ride leader and sweeper. While officially a 'show & go' format, the B2 group aims to keep as many riders together as feasibly possible. This is not a no-drop ride and is currently a show and go format. 
A total of four groups offers a great route option for riders of nearly all abilities. Afterwards, riders meet for cold beverages and appetizers (with a special cyclist discount!) just a short walk from the store.

Location: Trek of CLT - South Charlotte
Time: 6:00pm

Contact Ang with any questions.

South Charlotte Tuesday Night TATA Ride
South Charlotte Thursday Night TATA Ride
Ride Description:
Join us every Thursday for a laid-back, easy-peasy 28-mile ride, depending on the group. 15-16mph average and we will leave no (wo)man behind! This is a weather-dependent ride. If it's raining, the ride will be canceled. We start from the store parking lot at 6:00pm. This ride is social, friendly, and super supportive!

Time: 6:00PM
Location: Trek of CLT - South Charlotte

Checkout the ride's Facebook page for weather updates.

For more details contact Ang

South Charlotte Sunday B/C Ride
Sunday Fun Day! 

Ride Description:
Join us at the Trek Bicycle Store of South Charlotte for a Sunday Funday road ride! Getting back to BASE (miles that is). This ride leaves from the store parking lot on Sunday mornings. Typically the route is 34 miles but may change depending on circumstances. Groups will develop based on pace. Pace ranges between 15 and 18 mph avg. The ride aims for a 'no-drop' format based on the availability of a ride leader. Below 42 degrees the ride will be a "show and go" ride.

Time: 9:00AM 
Location: Trek of CLT - South Charlotte

Come for the ride, stay for the conversation.  We even created our own Shop Ride Facebook Page!
For more details contact Ang

*Please call the shop in advance to confirm the ride will have a leader and maintain a 'no-drop' format - if a leader is unavailable, the ride will be a 'show & go' that week. 
General Information

Helmets are REQUIRED for all of our group rides.

All rides are weather permitting. If the temperature is sub 40 degrees, please contact the shop and/or group ride leaders.  Check our Facebook page for the latest ride updates.

Participants are considered to be on a private excursion and thus must agree to hold harmless the ride leaders, Cool Breeze of Lake Norman and its employees and agents for injury or loss that might occur as a result of taking part in these rides.

Times listed are departure times. Arrive early and be ready to go at the scheduled departure time.

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